Under the Umbrella She Smiles

Under the Umbrella She Smiles

Exposure: 1/320 sec @ f/4
ISO 400, 27mm


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  • Nice smile ! This photo makes me happy ...
    cako @ 03:51pm 04/07/08
  • o my goodness your little cousins are adorable :] This photo gives a good vibe and the colors are really strong and crisp. When your little cousins grow up, they're going to realize lucky they are to have you as their photographer lol
    jfo @ 06:34pm 04/07/08
  • Cute photo and nice framing...but is she inside?
    leeroy @ 03:13pm 04/08/08
  • I've been landing on your photography site quite some time now. I've noticed that there are a bundle of your shots are composed of human subjects. However, the majority of them happens to be children, assuming those are family members. Honestly, I believe a greater variety of different types of human subjects pertaining to age, race, gender would add a greater depth of creativity & overall value to your photography portfolio.
    anonymous photographer @ 03:20pm 04/09/08
  • That comment above me sounds familiar... lol But yeah, Nhi Van looks so old in here.
    Khoi @ 03:31am 04/15/08
  • Great smile. Sweet feeling.
    Hai @ 04:42am 04/15/08