Mood: Savage

Mood: Savage

My brother Anthony.

Exposure: 1/125 sec @ f/2
ISO 800, 80mm


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  • this is a good picture. that guy in the tennis shoes looks like a savage
    Anthony @ 04:59pm 10/14/07
  • That dude is wearing MY tennis shoes. that is quite savage though.
    Matthew @ 11:16pm 10/14/07
  • damn, he looks pretty fierce. nice lighting.
    tram @ 01:04pm 10/15/07
  • Dude, Khoi, you look like a ferocious beast and the fight was pretty intense. =D
    Huynh @ 10:01pm 10/15/07
  • lucky you werent fighting me, or else the picture wouldve been of you crying.
    terry @ 12:12am 10/29/07
  • Always love this photo. Anthony looks pro, and not at all like the pussy that he is in real life ;) All thanks to the cameraman for sure.
    tram @ 08:21am 10/06/08