American Girl

American Girl

is a doll company. Every doll sells for 100 dollars, and the way they market it makes it irresistible for little girls. The main dolls each come from a different ethnic background, and you can buy anything from cell phones to pets for your dolls. Then they have other dolls where you customize it to match exactly what you look like. Creepy. There is a hospital for you to send you broken dolls and a salon (pictured) to have your doll's hair done. Little girls come walking out of the store with two or three of these things wrapped in each arm. What has the world come to?!

Exposure: 1/400 sec @ f/2.8
ISO 800, 59mm


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  • This one is the most oneiric of your last pictures... according to my red dreams. Greetings, Mariana Cuentos.
    Cuentos @ 03:31pm 06/29/07