Andrew and Tai's Engagement

Andrew and Tai's Engagement

Who are now married! Congratulations to two of the greatest friends ever!

Exposure: 1/1250 sec @ f/4
ISO 100, 56mm


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  • great composition of this couple. they look very happy and seem destined for each other. =]
    Liang @ 02:05pm 01/27/10
  • lol i find this cute and funny
    jfo @ 09:15pm 01/28/10
  • the girl appears to convey a very natural and flowing grace. her yellow dress is a great contrast to the surrounding hues. as for the guy, he kinda ruined the photo. his stance appears too forced and his clothes (no offense) is way too oversized and makes him look like an awkward shmuck.
    hanz @ 05:47pm 02/17/10