This is how we roll

This is how we roll

I'm not exactly sure how we roll.

Exposure: 1/250 sec @ f/8
ISO 400, 67mm


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  • very cute and well framed photo, nice choice of b&w. I like stevens look, and anthony is totally in his own world lol, great capture
    jfo @ 10:09am 01/07/09
  • Watch out, here comes the mafia! JK, very nicely presented in BW.
    Liang @ 10:26am 01/07/09
  • nice picture. I like my look too.
    Steven @ 11:22pm 01/08/09
  • you got message, khoi =D
    huynh @ 03:04am 01/12/09
  • Total STUDS. Just missing Peter to complete it.
    tram @ 08:18pm 01/16/09
  • That's the sacrifice I make. Plus nobody offers to take any pictures so I'll just stay behind the lens.
    Peter @ 08:49pm 01/16/09
  • Khang is going bald too
    Bart @ 06:58pm 01/18/09
  • like this one so much haha!
    bo @ 01:28pm 05/21/09