Sixteen years ago,

Sixteen years ago,

I was a short little second grader. I liked paper airplanes, robots and recess. I haven't been back to that playground since. Returning there brought back images of the hill where I tried to prove that my paper plane could fly farther than everyone else's, the jungle gym where my friend showed off his shiny new Voltron figures his mom brought back from Korea. I was quiet, shy and smiled 90% of the time. The other 10% was sleep. A lot of things have happened that led up to me sitting at my computer at six in the morning typing these very words.

I often remember my childhood. I think we all do. People have a certain attraction to the past; the longer the time, the more profound it becomes. Perhaps we remember that we were once either happy or sad, cruel or kind. It was as we once were but no longer are. I think that's the power of nostalgia - it brings back our past in relation to the present and we visualize very clearly profoundness of change.

Exposure: 1/13 sec, f/20, ISO100, 67mm


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