Beach Fire

Beach Fire

This is my best friend Brian at Alki beach during the summer. It's one of the many great memories we've had together this past year. When you're young, one year feels very long. When you're old, one year seems very short. When you're in between like me, it depends on which side of the bed you wake up on. In either case, tomorrow marks one year of the greatest times we've ever had. But regardless of what our perceptions of time may be, looking back at photos like these reminds me that nothing lasts forever. In a way, that is the only real purpose of photography - to remind us just that.

Sorry I haven't been posting at all these past couple months. I've been busy with work and to be honest, I lost a bit of my passion for photography. But every day my finger itches for that shutter. I'm just looking for the right angle to come back. I want to take a new approach and will be back in due time. I truly miss it.

(added December 19, 2008)

Exposure: 8 sec, f/10, ISO100, 27mm


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