The Crew I Know and Love

The Crew I Know and Love

(L-R) Jane, Paul, Jenn, Brian and me, Peter. The last three in particular make PB&J, the famous photo trio. :P

Exposure: 1/40 sec @ f/4
ISO 800, 38mm


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  • This picture will bring back so many memories when you look back. It will be nostalgic at a later time, great shot!
    Liang @ 09:42am 08/20/08
  • The lighting is exceptional here, this one goes down in the history books. Very good choice in cropping. Cheers to PB&J + PJ ;)
    brian @ 10:45am 08/20/08
  • ohh I love our photo shoot. Great shot, love the composition.
    jfo @ 03:42pm 08/20/08
  • nice shot.. looks like a band's photo shoot.. :)
    Rian @ 05:16am 09/06/08
  • man..these were some good days. crazy how things change. can you believe it's been 2 years?
    jfo @ 02:04pm 07/06/10