The airport

The airport

 is an international junction of world citizens. You never run into anyone, but everyone you know has been there. It's the one place that never closes once it opens. It's the place that brings people together for the happiest and most terrifying occasions.

Exposure: 1/60 sec @ f/8
ISO 400, 54mm


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  • Very nice selective colors Peter, the lighting is very attractive, especially the reflection on the window. Nice capture and post processing. =)
    brian @ 03:16pm 06/12/08
  • This is a great photo, you could probably make some decent money with it if you tried to sell it as a stock image. I love the reflection on the ground, I think that (together with the contrast in the upper part of the photo) makes the biggest difference.
    Great job again,
    The Obvious @ 05:38pm 07/12/08