A World Apart

A World Apart

Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. We told the tour guide it should be called Chicken Pizza instead and I don't think he was too happy.

Exposure: 1/250 sec @ f/10
ISO 100, 27mm


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  • lovin' the tones and perspective
    jfo @ 06:44pm 06/01/08
  • Makes me want to climb it. I like the upward perspective. Looks like everyone here has got a challenge ahead of them.
    brian @ 12:40pm 06/02/08
  • Great angle. Puts me right in there
    M a d . P h o t o . W o r l d @ 12:22am 06/16/08
  • i don't know if chicken pizza is correct, i only know i was nearly a boiled guy that day!
    and all those hats might be a sign too of a warm day too!
    i love this beacause is representative of the classic average holiday!

    paolo @ 12:52pm 06/16/08
  • Just missing Indiana Jones :)

    Lovely tone.
    Niels @ 05:54am 06/24/08
  • great photo, I like the lomo-style
    Ieyasu Sugimoto @ 12:44am 07/01/08