Earth is a beautiful thing;

Earth is a beautiful thing;

it's a shame we are destroying it so fast.

Exposure: 1/500 sec @ f/4
ISO 400, 27mm


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  • The lighting makes the canyon walls look monumental, nice work.
    Will Williams @ 09:32pm 05/30/08
  • Good call putting your link on "My Ambience"... I think you're very talented, and those pictures really are beautiful. Carry on with the greatness!
    flyingcrispi @ 03:23pm 05/31/08
  • Nice capture. Been right there and just want to go back when i see your image!
    Fredrik @ 01:02am 06/09/08
  • type your comment here
    Fredrik @ 01:07am 06/09/08
  • Fantastic view. Very nice shot
    Richard @ 06:20am 07/16/08
  • So beautifull... I have seen this place here before:

    Great blog! and sorry for my poor english...
    Ben @ 10:40am 09/03/08
  • oh my gosh this is beautiful
    your ant Ti @ 09:45pm 02/22/10